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Based in Antalya Turkey, constructs underwater structures in a timely and cost effective manner with a powerful business approach to offer necessary intervention for all kinds of incidents to occur on and under the surface of the sea with trained personnel and special equipment.

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Our Services

Vardakosta; has machinery and equipment capable of operating at any depth. It offers scanning in sand and mud at the bottom of the sea, breaking rock areas, reaching desired depth through scanning at ports and piers (down to 15m) and scanning materials accumulated at river beds, lakes and lagoons with long reach excavators.

Our Projects

Pipeline Projects, Sea Scans, Ship Segment & Pile Removal, Coastal Regulations and Marine Fortification Projects.

Human Resources

Send your CV to to be employed at Vardakosta.

Yesilbahce Neighborhood, Cinarli Street 2/1 Block
+90 242 244 60 74/75

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